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  To our on-line site that specialized in producing Safety Sign, Parking Sign, Building Sign, Traffic Sign and Custom Sign in Indonesia with reference to national and international standards of pictograms.

Thousands of images to choose safety sign in accordance with the hazard in your work area ... 

Please select a picture safety sign our collection and if you can not find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to ask and consult with us. We will help design it for you.

Various designs we use pictograms safety sign which refers to the standardization of ISO, ANSI, British (BS), IMO, OSHA and others. Click here...  or want to see the results of our finished product, please  Click Gallery...
 Why your company should have a Safety Sign with Reference Standard? 


    1.  Facilitate your team in the long term when doing maintenance or the addition of new safety sign.


    2.  The plus points during the audit of Occupational Health and Safety , especially to get the certification of ISO, OHSAS, HACCP, etc..


    3.  The cost of making a Safety Sign which reference to the standardization, is relatively similar to sign which is not standard, the difference is the design drawing. So why not use a standard design as well?


    4.  Uniform way of writing, makes it easy to be understood and adhered to by any person / employee.


    5.  Risk of accidents could be minimized or even better Zero Accident.


    6.  With the safety sign based on reference standard then it implies the company has also to cultivate of HSE to any employee or other person who were in the Area / Corporate Environment.


    7.  The more companies realize the importance of safety signs, therefore the company has to protect all of their assets from the things that are not desirable, such as: Fire and Accidents, which can be detrimental to the Company, all of that can be avoided and prevented, if the existence of the installation of safety signs at every point hazard-prone areas or in areas less likely dangers.   

If you do not have time to calculate and estimate the safety sign needs at your work location, please allow us to invite a team of your location, and isafetysign team will make a recapitulation of the whole recommendation types, colors, sizes, fonts, materials, and others based on potential hazards in the area of ​​your plant.

Safety First Always . . .!!! 



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