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isafetysign is one business that focuses on making safety sign, since 2001 ago, located in Jakarta - Indonesia, which has been recognized by its quality and standardize many of our customers.

PT. YAMAHA Motor Manufacturing Indonesia, PT. Cipta Krida Bahari (TRAKINDO Utama Group), PT. ALTUS Logistic Services Indonesia, PT. PERTAMINA Drilling Services, PT. SO GOOD FOOD Manufacturing, PT. DJABESMEN, PT. NESTLE INDOFOOD Indonesia, PT. EON Chemicals Putra, PT. BMW Indonesia, PT. TOYO DENSO Indonesia, PT. PROPAN Raya, Gym Rockstar Indonesia, APR Energy Indonesia, PT. HONDA Prospect Motor, SKK Migas, PT. Kota Minyak, PT. CJ Korea Express Indonesia, PT. SAIPEM Indonesia, ECOSTAR Group, PT. PLN (Persero), PT. Datascrip, PT. Limin Marine and Offshore, TELKOM Sigma, and many more.

As we know, the installation of safety sign is a form of responsibility and attention to the company's management at the company stakeholders (employees, visitors, contractors, outsourced) so that they are more assured of his safety during work. not only that, the attention and goodwill to install the relevant safety sign must be followed up in earnest, to make safety sign that is really effective to minimize the occurrence of accidents, and not just a mere waste.

Election and installation of safety sign design that impressed the origin, does not have a clear reference, mixed up of colors and pictograms, we often encounter in some industries into our clients. As a young professional who understand the aesthetic values ​​especially in the manufacture of safety sign, we rate it highly unfortunate if a noble intentions are not followed properly, so we were moved to provide design services and procurement of products quality safety sign.

Every design Safety Sign that we made, referring to international standards such as ANSI, OSHA, ISO, IMO and the British Standard that can facilitate you to establish baseline information manufacturing safety at production facilities / office in the present and in the future.

Manufacture of safety sign which refers to the standard will facilitate the target audience (employees, visitors, contractors) to understand and abide by them, as well as improving company image and divisions SHEQ/K3LL into more credible and authoritative.

Thousands of design safety sign that we have designed is to comply with all potential hazards that might occur in production and office facilities, suitable and relevant for any kind of industry either petroleum industry, chemical, manufacturing, automotive, food and beverage, cruise and others.

Please to select and analyze the needs of your safety sign. Our team is always ready to help you

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